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Basic Properties of Epoxy Technology

Last updated 4 years ago

Epoxy flooring is an incredibly versatile material that can be used nearly anywhere. Whether you are upgrading your garage, workshop, or basement, epoxy offers serious advantages over conventional flooring materials like hardwood, carpet, and even tile. Here is an explanation of the basic properties of epoxy technology.

  • What is Epoxy?

Epoxy is a polymer that is formed by a reaction between a resin and a hardener. Chemically speaking, the resin generally consists of monomers or short chain polymers. Resins usually have an epoxide group at both ends. Epoxy is a general term, and the components of epoxy can be made in a variety of ways. In other words, there is not just one resin that is used for all epoxy materials.

  • How does it Work?

When epoxy is applied, the resin mixes with the hardener to form a rigid, strong structure. This process is referred to as “curing.” The curing process can be regulated through a variety of means, including temperature, choice of resin and hardener, and the method of application. Furthermore, the curing process can vary in length, taking anywhere from a few hours to days or weeks. Once this process is complete, the epoxy will be extremely durable.

  • What are Epoxy’s Applications?

Epoxy has a wide variety of applications, including residential, commercial, and industrial uses. Epoxy’s durability and strength make it perfect for flooring, especially in industrial contexts. In addition, epoxy is particularly notable for its electrical insulation properties and mechanical properties. These qualities make epoxy useful as an adhesive and as a material to create fixtures.

If you want to know more about how epoxy works, call REDRHINO: The Epoxy Flooring Company at (800) 806-5508. At REDRHINO, we take our epoxy seriously. Whether you are looking for a new basement floor or want to upgrade your auto shop, we can help you transform your floor with the power of epoxy. We only use the finest materials and, as the premier epoxy flooring company in California, we pride ourselves on excellent service.


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