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White Epoxy Floors Are "All That".

Last updated 4 years ago

Whether it be an added level of sophistication, a dash of elegance, or simply brightening up a room, white floors have become the preferred alternative to traditional flooring solutions.  There are a limited number of solutions for interior flooring and even fewer provide the benefits of an epoxy floor.  If you are looking for an updated look, a white seamless epoxy floor coating may be your answer.

In addition to aesthetics, epoxy provides a number of practical advantages including increased durability, resistance to chemicals, water, pets and miscellaneous traffic, as well as ease of maintenance.

Asking yourself the following questions will not only help better define your goal, but also help you avoid some nasty surprises:

Is the substrate in good condition?  If the floor you're looking to treat is not already bare concrete, something is hiding its physical characteristics.  You might have five year old carpeting, fifteen year old tile, vinyl or other laminate flooring.  Whatever it is, it has to come up, and whatever is underneath may not be pretty.

REDRHINO:  The Epoxy Flooring Company has a process, which delivers the smoothest floor possible regardless of prior condition.  While every job is unique, here are the basic steps:

  1. Remove or demolish existing flooring solution (i.e.: tile, hardwood, carpet, vinyl, etc.)                                            
  2. Bead-blast or diamond-grind the concrete to create a profile thus providing something for the epoxy to bite onto.
  3. Patch all construction joints, cracks, and divots with a polyester membrane combined with epoxy to fill and make level with the rest of the substrate.
  4. Apply a seal coat of 100% solid epoxy at approximately 200 square feet per gallon.
  5. Apply a glaze coat of 100% epoxy at the appropriate consistency relevant to the desired thickness.
  6. Apply Polyurethane topcoat at approximately 400 square feet per gallon.

When getting quotes, make sure these steps have been taken into account.  Getting the job done correctly the first time will save you a lot of time, money, and headache.

Do I want a gloss or matte finish?  Epoxy's natural finish is shiny.  If a gloss finish is your goal, a two-coat epoxy finish is all you need.  If you don't want such a reflective surface, polyurethane, wax, or an acrylic sealer can be added to achieve the desired finish.

Now that we've touched upon proper procedure and aesthetics, let's take a look at what your floor needs protection from.  Will there be heavy traffic, high heels, toys, or sharp objects?  Do you prefer to slide rather than lift?  Are your pet's nails not clipped as often as you should be?  Do scratches on your floor bother you?  You should seriously consider a polyurethane or polyuria topcoat.  While epoxy's compressive strength is off the charts the surface can scratch easily.  Polyurethanes have greater scratch resistance than epoxy, but polyurethanes are applied much thinner.  When you put epoxy and polyurethane together the bond is unmatched, and the two coatings' protective qualities create a fully loaded floor.

The popularity of seamless white floors today is relative to the quality of workmanship, as well as product, and above all the appearance of a pristine looking floor.  These results cannot be achieved unless all of the above are considered and confirmed, which is why I would rather talk tips than trends.  For additional information or your fully loaded floor call REDRHINO:  The Epoxy Flooring Company today at (800) 806-5508.


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