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How to Keep Your Epoxy Floor Clean

Last updated 5 years ago

A small bit of effort can keep your coated floors looking like new for decades. Follow simple steps to maximize the life of attractive epoxy coatings.

  • Remove Dirt and Debris: Diligent sweeping and mopping are smart preventative strategies for keeping an epoxy-coated floor free of spots. Combine this regular task with monthly oil removal chores. Spend extra time rinsing any traces of oil and grease from your epoxy surface. Invest in a high-quality degreaser to address untreated stains. Allow these products to sit on a stain for several minutes before scrubbing. Remember to utilize a scrub with appropriate fibers. Firm materials are liable to scratch epoxy surfaces.  Create a schedule to ensure your epoxy maintenance stays up to date.
  • Apply Targeted Methods: Be sure to apply a degreaser or soap appropriate for problem stains. Acidic contaminants in oils and citrus spills are treated more easily with alkaline-based cleaners. Mineral and metal-based stains, like rust, require acid-infused cleaners to be effectively removed. Allow floors to air dry. Common soaps leave a film on epoxy floors after use. Reduce slip risks with an additional rinse of epoxy-coated surfaces. Utilize warm water in rinsing to support chemical cleaning reactions. Apply pH neutral cleaning solutions to unknown stains.
  • Stubborn Stain Treatments: Homeowners can use epoxy stain troubleshooting tips to treat a mystery stain. Let a liberal application of a cleaning solution sit for up to fifteen minutes. This will give the chemical proper time to pierce the surface of the stain. Investigate several chemicals to determine the property of your problem stain. Long-term use of some cleaners may prove ineffective or damaging to epoxy coatings. These stains have likely reached the bottom of the coating or were caused by UV exposure.  Professional resealing from REDRHINO: The Epoxy Flooring Company is a cost-effective solution to deep-seated imperfections.

Los Angeles residents can save money and manpower by utilizing epoxy coatings in the garage or kitchen. Explore characteristics of these slip-resistant applications on the REDRHINO:  The Epoxy Flooring Company website or at (310) 734-8534.


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